121 Gorgeous Singapore Wedding Photoshoot Locations

If you’re looking for a wedding photoshoot location, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find 121 beautiful indoor and outdoor places in Singapore for your wedding photoshoot.


0. Introduction

Singapore is a place that has a little bit of everything – historical architecture, natural oases and a beating urban heart – meaning that no matter how you want to style your wedding photography session, you will find a location that meets all your wildest dreams…

…From quaint churches to lane ways adorned in art, the streets of Singapore blend old and new, meaning you don’t have to decide between the two if you want a little taste of both.

And whether you want to portray sophisticated elegance or bring out your playful inner child, Singapore boasts plenty of unique destinations where your relationship and personalities can be perfectly captured.


Like most photography sessions, light plays a crucial factor in creating atmospheric wedding images, and after deciding on your theme and location, choosing the right time for your shoot can make a huge difference.

But with magical sunrises and sunsets, as well as the bright lights of Singapore’s towering skyscrapers and reflective water surfaces to play with, the potential in this city is only limited by your (and your photographer’s) imaginations.

So, if you need some inspiration, here are our pick of 121 top wedding photoshoot locations in Singapore that cover all ends of the spectrum!

1. Singapore River

Singapore River

flickr/inside southeast asia

For an authentic and traditional Singaporean backdrop that encapsulates the city’s soul, opt for a wedding photoshoot along the Singapore River. Whether you choose an urban skyscraper backdrop or an historic tongkang boat as a feature in your images, this slow-flowing body of water creates an alluring feature point, with plenty of reflective potential to test your photographer’s creativity.


2. Haji Lane

Haji Lane

flickr/Jnzl’s Photos

Situated within Singapore’s vibrant Muslim quarter, Haji Lane is perhaps its most captivating street, home to quirky boutiques and designer fashion shops that create eclectic backdrops. From playful images relaxing at its cafes to intimate portrait shots, backed by Haji Lane’s iconic artwork, this is a destination for couples wanting colourful, fun-filled images.

3. Sunset Way Railway Track

sunset way railway track

flickr/Jnzl’s Photos

For a whimsical, vintage setting, head to the overgrown railway track at Sunset Way. A walk along this abandoned line takes in some lush, enveloping stretches of greenery, as well as an old rusted bridge that oozes charm. Opt for the late afternoon if you want the best lighting conditions, as the sun rays beam atmospherically through the trees.


4. Chek Jawa Wetlands

Chek Jawa Wetlands


Located on the southeastern tip of beautiful Palau Ubin, the Chek Jawa Wetlands are a lush oasis where the turquoise waters of the Singapore Strait meet a dense mangrove forest. This rich ecosystem makes an idyllic natural setting, with a boardwalk weaving through the coastal vegetation and a viewing tower perfect for wide angle shots. Make sure to check the tides, however, so you don’t end up with exposed mud as your backdrop!

5. Helix Bridge

Linking Marina Centre with Marina Sands, the Helix Bridge is said to bring prosperity and happiness – what better location for a wedding photoshoot! The stainless and carbon steel structure of this pedestrian-only walkway creates an industrial-style backdrop by day, and at night is atmospherically illuminated against the cityscape of Marina Sands.

6. Pasir Ris Park

pasir ris park



With a few picnic-themed props, Pasir Ris Park transforms into a playful wedding photoshoot location. Spread out your picnic blanket on the ocean-backed lawns, take a pony ride along the waterfront, or capture some whimsical images strolling hand in hand along its tree-lined pathways. Pasir Ris is so vast that you can always find a quiet corner to use as your backdrop.

7. Snow City

snow city


Finding a winter-themed wedding photo location in balmy Singapore can be difficult, but for that quintessential Alpine ski-field backdrop, head to Snow City in Jurong East. Whether you want some fun, action-packed shots snow tubing down its slope, or romantic images huddled together against the cold, Snow City offers that authentic experience – just remember to wear your beanie and gloves!


8. Clarke Quay

clarke quay


Clarke Quay has long been intertwined with Singapore’s trade history, and for those wanting a heritage touch to their wedding photos, its antique houses combine beautifully with the waterfront setting. Opt for a night shoot and you will be rewarded with colourful, glittering lights, magnificently reflected in the still harbour.

9. Southern Ridges

Southern Ridges


For a unique natural setting, head to the elevated bridges and trails of the Southern Ridges. Not only will you be surrounded by lush greenery, high up in the forest canopy, but some stretches also boast spectacular viewpoints where you can capture the city skyline of Singapore in the distance.

10. Pulau Hantu

Pulau Hantu


With shallow coral reefs, tranquil lagoons and pristine stretches of sand backed by coconut palms, the two islets of Pulau Hantu provide a picture perfect island getaway backdrop. Its name translates as “Island of Ghosts”, with the ghosts of Malay warriors believed to roam its white sands. But when the sun is glistening brightly on its azure waters, there’ll be nothing spooky about your Pulau Hantu wedding photos.


11. Changi Boardwalk

changi boardwalk


For never-ending coastal backdrops, head to the Changi Boardwalk, which boasts a number of different sections that each offer unique photographic potential. Weave along the Cliff Walk below the hilltop chalets, capture some intimate portraits over the kelong stilts, or head west for captivating sunset shots along the Sunset Walk. The Changi Boardwalk is particularly mesmerising at dusk when the sky is illuminated in rich colours and the walkways atmospherically lit.

12. Arab Street

Arab Street


Comprising Singapore’s historic Muslim quarter, Arab Street is one of the city’s most culturally rich areas. Its beautifully restored shopfronts meet vibrant street art, while cafe tables spill out onto the pavement. Its eclectic streets are perfect if you want bold colours and rich imagery, with Persian carpet stores and vintage boutiques, all backed by the bulbous dome of the Masjid Sultan Mosque.


13. Shenton Way

Shenton Way

flickr/Lucian Teo

Renowned as Singapore’s Wall Street, Shenton Way is commercial skyscraper heaven, and ideal for couples wanting an urban-themed, business feel to their wedding images. With strong architectural lines to work with and shimmering surfaces, this is the perfect location for that power-couple look. For a captivating wide-angle perspective, head to the other side of the Singapore River to capture the buildings of Shenton Way reflected in the waters by night.

14. Singapore Padang

Padang, Singapore


Backed by the iconic Singapore city skyline, the grassy expanse of the Padang playing fields creates a fantastic urban wedding photoshoot setting. Take advantage of the surrounding historical buildings, such as the Old Supreme Court, City Hall and elegant St Andrew’s Cathedral, or opt for a sporting theme within this famous recreational area.


15. Henderson Bridge

Henderson Waves Bridge


For an urban-artsy backdrop, look no further than the Henderson Waves Bridge, with its iconic, undulating waves. During the daytime, the steel and local Balau wood used in its construction make this pedestrian bridge the perfect industrial-style sculptural backdrop, and by night it is transformed into a distinctly romantic “ocean”, with LED lights beautifully illuminating its structure.

16. Mount Faber Cable Car

Cable Car


The views across Singapore from the Mount Faber cable car are second to none, stretching all the way across the city skyline to its starting point at Sentosa Island. From this elevated viewpoint you can get 360 degree shots of you and your loved one, set within the cosy ambiance of a private capsule. Whether you opt for a day or night-time shoot, make sure your photographer has their wide angle lens packed!


17. Raffles Place

Raffles Place


Located in the heart of Singapore’s financial hub, Raffles Place is perfect for an ultra modern, urban-themed pre-wedding photoshoot. With towering skyscrapers surrounding you and bright, glitzy lights bouncing off the reflective surfaces, the atmosphere is simply electric by night, and perfect for those who hold this progressive city in their heart.

18. Kranji Racecourse

For fans of horse racing, the Kranji Racecourse offers the perfect setting for a “Day at the races” themed wedding photoshoot, capturing all the thrills and spills of a live event. Dressed in your finest, you can cheer on the winning horse, or opt for a cowboy/cowgirl-style shoot, with magnificent pedigree horses as your companions.

19. The Cenotaph

the cenotaph

flickr/Jnzl’s Photos


Built in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives in both World War I and II, the Cenotaph at the base of Esplanade Park is an ideal wedding photography location for couples whose ancestors fought alongside. Standing on the steps which lead up to the towering column, which are adorned with the words “Our glorious dead”, will stand as a poignant tribute to your family history.

20. Chinese Gardens

Singapore Chinese Gardens
Also known as Jurong Gardens, the Chinese Gardens in Singapore’s east are designed with Chinese gardening art principles in mind. There are majestic, multi-tiered pagodas, intriguing sculptures and a highly ornate bridge, all set within a watery backdrop that will add a touch of cultural elegance to your wedding photos.

21. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer
Picture yourself soaring high above the Singapore city skyline, nestled into one of the 28 capsules of the Singapore Flyer with your loved one. A private capsule experience is the perfect opportunity to get stunning wide angle shots together, with the twinkling lights of Singapore as your backdrop. During a 30 minute rotation you have plenty of time to get the photos you’ve dreamt about, accompanied by premium champagne to toast your new life together.

22. S.E.A Aquarium

Ocean-loving couples should head direct to Sentosa’s S.E.A Aquarium, whose vibrant marine life will serve as your backdrop in their immense, glass-walled aquariums. The blue hued water creates an undeniably serene atmosphere, and the creative potential for wide angle images, filled with huge eagle rays and sharks, are endless.


23. Hort Park

Hort Park


Why have your wedding photoshoot at one landscaped garden when you can choose from 21 different themed areas at Singapore’s Hort Park. Choose the enchanting tropical greenery and water features of the Balinese Garden, or opt for the minimalist elegance of the Silver Garden. Hort Park is one of the city’s most popular event locations, so selecting your garden and booking early is a “must”.

24. Upper Peirce Reservoir

Surrounded by dense forest, the Upper Peirce Reservoir is a Singaporean engineering feat that feels a world away from the towering high-rise of the city. In the early morning hours it is often blanketed with a soft layer of mist, which combined with the rich lighting, can create truly mesmerising wedding photographs.


25. Sentosa Island



Couples wanting a beach setting for their wedding photoshoot should head direct to the white sands of Sentosa Island. With the sea breeze creating natural animation and the sun slowly setting, the late afternoon is an ideal time to schedule your session, with plenty of opportunity to get playful in the water’s shallows.

26. Thian Hock Keng Temple

Designed as a “Temple of heavenly happiness”, the Thian Hock Keng Temple is not only a culturally rich location for a wedding photoshoot, but also a symbolic one. It is one of the oldest Hokkien temples in Singapore and exudes heritage charm. But not only that, a wedding photography session here may just hold the key to a lifelong marriage, filled with happiness.


27. Marina Bay Sands Skypark

It’s no secret that the Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck boasts some of the best views in town, and by night the backdrop of Singapore all lit up is simply breathtaking. The wide angle photographic opportunities here are particularly impressive, capturing you and your partner with the never-ending city skyline behind.

28. Masjid Sultan Mosque

Topped by its spectacular golden dome, the lavish architecture of the Masjid Sultan Mosque provides a regal setting for you wedding photographs. Slowly wander through its beautifully adorned prayer hall, with the Islamic artistry adding a cultural element to your wedding images.

29. Fort Canning

Draped in colonial history and rustic charm, Fort Canning Park is ideal for couples wanting a natural heritage setting, combining sweeping lawns with fortified structures enveloped in lush vegetation. Capture some close-up portraits, set against historical details, as well as wide angle exposures across Fort Canning’s vast open spaces.


30. Marina Bay’s Waterfront Promenade

marina waterfront promenade


Marina Bay’s Waterfront Promenade is a dream photographic location. It not only boasts stunning cityscape views, but also plenty of individual features, such as spurting fountains and modernist sculptures, which can easily be incorporated into creative wedding couple portraiture.

31. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay
Each evening, Gardens by the Bay is ignited by the spectacular Gardens Rhapsody light display, creating a mesmerising backdrop for a wedding photoshoot. Get creative with some low shots facing up towards the colourful Supertree Grove, or head inside the Cloud Forest for some intimate photos in front of the world’s highest (illuminated!) waterfall.

32. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens


With elegant landscaped gardens that include the National Orchid Garden, sprawling Swan Lake and the classic White Bandstand, there is no shortage of shooting locations within the Singapore Botanic Gardens. You can also recreate a fairy tale atmosphere in your wedding photos amidst its billowing green vegetation and famous “Curtain of Roots”.


33. Pasar Malam

Combining captivating lighting with culinary delights, Singapore’s Pasar Malam Night Markets are a great shooting location for foodie couples looking to add a touch of local gastronomy to their images. You can capture some close-up portraits feeding each other tiny tastings, or get creative with long exposure shots of you bound together amidst the surrounding crowds.

34. Raffles Marina

For a nautical-themed location, the Raffles Marina complex exudes distinctive elegance. Backed by luxury yachts and the azure ocean waters, you can capture intimate portraits wining and dining at the lagoon-side bistro, as well as romantic night time vistas when the Raffles Marina is beautifully illuminated.

35. Labrador Nature Reserve

labrador park


Intertwined in Singapore’s World War II history, Labrador Nature Reserve on Singapore’s southern edge is a great wedding photography location for couples wanting a heritage feel, combined with an impressive waterfront setting. The overgrown British fort and underground tunnels can be used as vintage feature points, while the late afternoon setting sun casts rich light across the park’s green landscapes.


36. Chinatown

Combining some of Singapore’s most impressive Victorian architecture with the undeniable vibrancy of Asia, Chinatown is a fun shooting location where you never really know what might happen. On Chinatown’s busy streets, filled with a plethora of sights, sounds and smells, the idea is to just dive straight in and let the photos evolve naturally.

37. Pulau Ubin Village

Step back into 1960’s Singapore at Pulau Ubin Island off Singapore’s east coast. This traditional kampung is home to stilted wooden houses, sprawling mangrove swamps and pristine stretches of beach backed by coconut palms. Dress in traditional, vintage garments and you can recreate a time gone by in this tiny slice of paradise.

38. Merlion Park

Boasting one of the most impressive panoramas over the urban landscape of Singapore, Merlion Park is a particularly photogenic location at night with the city lights twinkling below. Combine wide-angle shots with close-up portraits, backed by the lion-fish hybrid animal of the Merlion statue.

39. Jurong Bird Park

Bird lovers can surround themselves with an astounding array of birdlife at the Jurong Bird Park on the western slope of Jurong Hill. It is home to around 400 different species, and from their elevated walkways and immersive environments your wedding images will be backed by flocks of elegant flamingos, vibrantly coloured parrots and even Antarctic-dwelling penguins.


40. City Hall

city hall


Draped in local history and war-time intrigue, the City Hall is one of Singapore’s most spectacular buildings. Its Corinthian colonnade will add undeniable elegance to your wedding photographs, particularly in the evening when they are beautifully lit.

41. Sri Mariamman Temple

Built in a bold Dravidian style in the heart of Chinatown, the Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, providing a vibrant architectural backdrop to wedding photo sessions. Its towering gopuram is adorned with sculptural carvings of Hindu deities and mythological beasts, best captured in wide-angle, sky-facing shots, and it is the perfect shooting location for Tamil couples or those wanting a cultural edge to their photos.


42. Parkview Square

Inspired by New York’s Chanin Building, Singapore’s Parkview Square has an imposing extravagance about it, that makes a bold and strong symbolic backdrop. This Art Deco skyscraper has been dubbed Singapore’s “Gotham City”, and also houses exquisite interior cafes and bars that are perfect for a 1920’s themed photoshoot.

43. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

bukit timah nature reserve

flickr/Steel Wool

Escape the bustle of downtown Singapore into the only tract of rainforest remaining on the island. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of Singapore’s most ecologically important green areas, and this lush expanse of vine-draped jungle creates mesmerising diffuse lighting, perfect for whimsical, nature-inspired images.

44. Japanese Gardens

With its bold, arched red bridge and traditional rest houses, the Japanese Gardens in Jurong Lake are like stepping into an ancient Japanese village. Take advantage of its beautifully manicured garden features (such as ornate bonsais and stone sculptures) during your wedding photoshoot, with the late afternoon light giving your images that golden touch.


45. Kent Ridge Park

kent ridge park

flickr/Jnzl’s Photos

Kent Ridge Park combines natural beauty with historical intrigue, as this was the setting for one of the last battles for Singapore that was fought during World War II. You can stroll with you loved one along its tranquil nature trails, capture intimate portraits in front of the war museum – “Reflections at Bukit Chandu” – and take in the views stretching out across the city of Singapore.

46. Istana Park

With the grandiose Istana Palace located just across the road and the Festival Arch rising from its reflective pool, the Istana Park is one of Singapore’s most prestigious green expanses. Plan your wedding photoshoot for the evening to take advantage of the atmospheric lighting on this regal setting.


47. Little India

Filled with vibrant colours and richly ornate Hindu temples, Little India is perfect for couples who want a cultural edge to their wedding photography shoot. The architecture is as colourful as it comes, there are sari and spice shops at every turn, and for a vintage touch, you can rent an old trishaw to capture you “sightseeing” along the way.

48. 1-Altitude

Named as the highest alfresco bar in the world, 1-Altitude in Raffles Place boasts a 360 degree view across the city of Singapore, making for mesmerising night-scape photographs. With a cocktail in hand and the lights of Singapore behind you, a photoshoot at 1-Altitude will be all class!

49. St Andrew’s Cathedral

The towering white spires of Saint Andrew’s Cathedral offer a majestic backdrop, with ornate architectural details both inside and out. It is the main church of Singapore’s Anglican Diocese, with impressive interior archways and stained-glass features that make it ideal for couples who want a distinct religious message in their images.


50. Singapore Philatelic Museum

Singapore Philatelic Museum

flickr/Jnzl’s Photos

Stamp collectors looking to let their passion shine through can use the enchanting Singapore Philatelic Museum as their wedding photo session backdrop. Built in the late 19th century as an Anglo-Chinese school, explore the rich history of Singapore’s postal service within a fun and playful setting.

51. Malay Heritage Centre

For couples with Malay ancestry wanting to add a cultural touch to their images, the Malay Heritage Centre embodies this rich heritage. Not only is the architecture of this former Sultan’s Palace impressive, but there are beautiful paperbark gleam trees, as well as a replica Bugis prahu boat to feature in your photos.

52. Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple

Referred to as the “Temple of 1000 Lights”, the Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple features bold colours and vivid, Thai-inspired architecture, making it a popular wedding photoshoot location for Buddhist couples in Singapore. At night, its 15-metre high Buddha statue is beautifully illuminated in countless light bulbs, making it a particularly atmospheric time to plan your shoot.


53. Keppel Club

keppel club

wikimedia commons/Terence Ong

Combining contemporary design with a sprawling golf course and waterfront setting, the Keppel Club will add a touch of sophistication to your wedding photos. This exclusive destination is refreshingly crowd-free, so you can utilise its varied settings and amenities without people stepping into your images.

54. Gallop Stables

Horse lovers wanting to add an equestrian touch to their wedding photos should head to Gallop Stables on Turf Club Road. Capture images of you and your loved one on horse-back, gently riding along Fairways Green Track, or intimate portraits interacting with the animals in their stables.

55. St. Joseph’s Church

St. Joseph's Church

wikimedia commons/Iloilo Wanderer

With its highly ornate Gothic architecture and white-washed walls, St Joseph’s Church is an enchanting setting for wedding photography. Capture classic images with its octagonal dome spire towering above, then step inside where its dark wooden pews and stained glass add a distinct elegance.


56. Kusu Island

Situated to the south of Singapore city, Kusu Island is a world away, transporting you to tropical beaches that are backed by swaying palms. In addition to creating quintessential island-vibe images, the Da Bogong Chinese temple will add a cultural touch, with its distinct green and red architecture.

57. Playground at Vivocity

For couples wanting to bring out their inner child, head to level 2 at VivoCity and its open-air playground. There are brightly-painted slides, bubble capsules and even a mini express train, meaning your images will be filled with colour and joy.

58. Singapore F1 Grand Prix

For a fast-paced, thrilling backdrop, time your wedding photoshoot to coincide with the Singapore F1 Grand Prix. There’s bright lights, fireworks, and plenty of motor action that will ignite your images.


59. “LOVE” sculpture

Located in Winsland Plaza, the bright blue “LOVE” sculpture really says it all, and provides a simple, yet strong, message for your wedding photoshoot.

60. Singapore Air Force Museum

Singapore Air Force museum

Wikimedia Commons/Dave1185

With fighter planes and military helicopters, the Singapore Air Force Museum is a great setting for a travel-themed wedding photoshoot. It offers a rare opportunity to get so close to aircraft, without the security restrictions of an airport.

61. Singapore Saddle Club

With its stark white fences and shady trees, the Singapore Saddle Club is an ideal location for that country and western-style wedding photoshoot. Grab your boots and checkered shirts, and get ready to saddle up with their beautiful horses.

62. Tuas

Although Tuas is renowned for being an industrial zone, its lalang fields create an idyllic meadow wedding photography location. Bring along your picnic props and pets, and let the late afternoon sunshine work its magic on this whimsical setting.


63. Fountain of Wealth

fountain of wealth

flickr/Ferry Octavian

Located in one of Singapore’s largest malls, Suntec City, the Fountain of Wealth is the perfect wedding photography backdrop to not only bring good fortune for your marriage, but create captivating water images using slow shutter speeds. It is listed as the largest fountain in the world, and at night you can request a special laser message dedication to provide a personal touch to your images.

64. InterContinental Singapore

Exuding 5-star opulence and an air of colonial-stye elegance, the InterContinental hotel provides a range of luxurious backdrops for your wedding photoshoot. Laze by the sprawling pool on a sun lounger, wander through its beautifully-appointed hallways, and capture the night time ambiance of its rooftop garden.


65. Cavenagh Bridge

cavenagh bridge


Standing as one of Singapore’s oldest bridges, the Cavenagh Bridge is an important heritage monument in the city, built to commemorate the city’s new Crown colony in 1867. It is set within a backdrop of modern skyscrapers, and a wedding photoshoot along this elegant suspension bridge combines the old and new in a captivating urban setting.

66. Singapore Art Museum

Situated within a beautifully restored 19th century mission school, the Singapore Art Museum makes for an architecturally stunning backdrop to your wedding images. Wander along the arched colonnades of its white-washed exterior, then head indoors to capture intimate portraits perusing its extensive Southeast Asian collection

67. Punggol Lalang Field

The Punggol Lalang Field is a little known destination that is slowly becoming a favourite photography location for couples wanting a country-style feel to their images. Create whimsical shots wandering through its tall grass in the late afternoon sunshine, with slightly over-exposed shots creating an ethereal atmosphere.


68. Anderson Bridge

The elegantly designed Anderson Bridge sprawls across the Singapore River, with its white-coated arch adding a splash of sophistication to your wedding photos. Plan your shoot for the evening and you will not only capture the surrounding lights, beautifully reflected in the river’s waters, but ask your photographer to capture the passing car headlights with some long exposure shots.

69. Sculpture Square

With its bright orange, heritage listed 19th century church, Sculpture Square on Middle Road will add a quirky touch to your wedding photos. From up-close portraits featuring its Gothic architectural details, to whimsical shots exploring its gardens and courtyards, there are always new and innovative 3-dimensional art works here to capture.

70. Sembawang Park

Sembawang Park



Overlooking the Straits of Johor, Sembawang Park is a tranquil oasis which boasts a number of different wedding shoot locations. Capture playful images along its white sandy beach, opt for a heritage backdrop at beautiful Beaulieu House, or take advantage of the watery reflections from Sembawang jetty.

71. Maghain Aboth Synagogue

Standing as Southeast Asia’s oldest synagogue, the Maghain Aboth Synagogue is a favourite wedding photography location for couples with Jewish heritage. Built in the late 19th century, its neoclassical facade will add colonial elegance to your images, while the impressive columns and spartan, rustic interior make for an uncluttered backdrop.

72. Gillman Barracks

Once serving as colonial British barracks, this white-washed military encampment has been transformed into cutting edge gallery spaces, ideal for couples after something completely different. The stark exterior of the buildings are like blank canvases, peppered with street art which will make for unique talking points in your wedding images.


73. Alkaff Mansion

Alkaff Mansion

Wikimedia Commons/JT Loh jotography

One of Singapore’s most romantic restaurant settings is the Alkaff Mansion, with both interior and exterior spaces to stage your wedding photoshoot. The decor is sophisticated and rich, and the Italian food exceptional.

74. Singapore Zoo

For animal lover’s, the Singapore Zoo offers endless opportunities for up-close and personal images with its resident wildlife. Set within lush green vegetation, its sprawling grounds are an urban oasis where you can recreate your own romance-filled safari.

75. Bedok Reservoir Park

bedok reservoir park


Situated in the east of Singapore, the Bedok Reservoir Park is a serene oasis that can transform into a captivating backdrop during the early morning or late afternoon light. With a moody sky above and vivid reflections in the water’s surface, it is ideal for couples wanting a natural setting, without the crowds.


76. Changi Airport

With its sophisticated architecture and lush interior landscaping, Changi Airport is perfect for a travel-themed wedding photoshoot. With luggage in tow, you can recreate the final moments as you jet set off on your honeymoon, with Terminal 3 the best pick!

77. Marina South Pier

With strong architectural lines in its wave-like rooftop, the Marina South Pier is a sophisticated urban setting for your wedding photoshoot. The modern steel design of this transport hub is particularly impressive in the late afternoon, when rich light ignites its exterior.

78. Alkaff Bridge

Spanning the Singapore River at Robertson Quay, the colourful Alkaff Bridge, also known as Singapore’s Art Bridge, is undoubtedly cheerful. Capture playful images strolling hand in hand through its eye-catching paintwork, and capitalise on the magnificent light reflections in the water during a night-time shoot.


79. Old Hill Street Police Station

With its windows painted all the colours of the rainbow, there is an undeniable flair about the Old Hill Street Police Station, now known as the MICA building. This elegant Neo-Classical-style building can’t help but add flamboyance to your pre-wedding photos, whether it be wide-angle expansive shots, or close-up portraits capturing its architectural details.

80. Universal Studios

universal studios


For a movie-themed backdrop to your wedding photoshoot, why not head to Universal Studios on Sentosa Island. Whether you want to be depicted as Queen and King amidst an Ancient Egypt backdrop, or within the vibrant streets of New York, there are seven different themed areas to choose from. But if you can’t decide, you can use all seven!

81. Empress Place Building

Now home to the Asian Civilizations Museum, the Empress Place Building’s harmonious design makes for an elegant backdrop, draped in Singaporean history. It dates back to the early 19th century when it served as government offices, and its original structure was added to throughout the following century. With the towering statue of Sir Stamford Raffles on its doorstep, the Empress Place Building is an ideal backdrop for local history buffs.


82. Tanjong Beach Club

Set along the white sands of Sentosa Island, the Tanjong Beach Club encapsulates modern elegance, with a sweeping ocean backdrop. Let your photographer take advantage of this spectacular setting and capture all your intimate moments, as you wine and dine on sumptuous seafood and soak up the island-living atmosphere.


83. Ann Siang Hill

ann siang hill

flickr/Steel Wool

With its vibrant cafe and bar scene, as well as designer boutique stores, Ann Siang Hill is a fun location for an urban-themed wedding photoshoot. Its leafy streets and colourful buildings will add plenty of flair to your images as you shop, wine and dine with your loved one.

84. Lower Seletar Reservoir

With its snaking wooden boardwalk and reflective water surface, Lower Seletar Reservoir hosts one of Singapore’s most captivating sunrises. An early morning wedding photoshoot here will not only produce stunning images, but you will probably have the location all to yourselves.

85. The Esplanade

the esplanade

flickr/Michaela Loheit

Sprawling along the waterfront, the Singapore Esplanade is one of the city’s most iconic urban settings, adding a distinctly local flavour to your images. Wander along the tree-lined Queen Elizabeth Walk in the atmospheric dusk hours and capture the Theatres on the Bay illuminated brilliantly at night.


86. Capella Singapore

Boasting a stunning ocean-front location on Sentosa Island, Capella Singapore hotel fuses old and new in a setting that will add divine elegance to your images. From its exquisitely appointed rooms and dining spaces, to the naturally curved design of its pools, the Capella is luxury defined.

87. Nyee Phoe Flower Garden

The vibrant nurseries of the Nyee Phoe Flower Garden are the perfect wedding photo destination for keen gardeners. Bring along some gardening props to help “cultivate” the romance, as you water, weed and prune with your loved one.

88. Adventure Cove Waterpark

Let your wild side come out to play in a water-themed photoshoot at Sentosa’s Adventure Cove Waterpark. Capture all the thrills of zipping down their water slides, or intimate portraits coming face-to-face with stingrays – just make sure your photographer’s camera has good water proof housing!!


89. Mount Faber Park

With stunning views across the city from its numerous viewpoints and never-ending leafy surrounds, Mount Faber Park epitomises Singapore’s fusion of urban and green spaces. It’s not only one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations, but a great location for wedding photos that portray the heart and soul of this city.

90. Woodland’s Waterfront Park Jetty

woodlands waterfront


The 11-hectare Woodland’s Waterfront Park is home to Singapore’s longest recreational jetty, overlooking the Straits of Johor, which provides a spectacular setting for wedding photography. Plan your shoot for sunset to take advantage of the most atmospheric light and watery reflections, with the sky and sea slowly melding into soft hues of blue as dusk sets in.


91. Armenian Church

If you are going for a white-themed wedding, then the elegant white-washed colonnades and towering spire of the Armenian Church will add that element of purity to your images. Dating to the early 19th century, it is one of Singapore’s oldest churches, with its stark white interior walls elegantly juxtaposed against the rich wooden pews and traditional altar.

92. Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel


The 19th century Raffles Hotel exudes colonial charm and is an undeniably important landmark in Singapore’s history. This makes it an ideal wedding photography location for couples wanting elegant images with a local flavour. Capture portraits in their ornate entrance lobby, beautiful tropical garden courtyard, Victorian-styled theatre, or luxuriously-appointed suites.

93. The White Rabbit

Re-ignite your childhood at The White Rabbit – an atmospherically restored 1930s chapel that captures the essence of the Alice in Wonderland tale. From its bamboo-lined entrance, lit by lanterns, to the elegant decorations of the chapel’s white-washed interior, your images at The White Rabbit will be imbued with a touch of magic.


94. Emerald Hill

Once home to Singapore’s wealthy Peranakan community, the historic neighbourhood of Emerald Hill is lined in beautiful terrace houses, used in the setting of noted Singaporean author, Goh Sin Tub’s, short stories. Capture that boy/girl-next-door love story in its leafy street setting, with a distinct elegance added in the shuttered windows and vibrant paintwork of its heritage buildings.

95. Gallery Hotel

gallery hotel

flickr/Xin Li 88

Identified as a Highly Individual Place, or “HIP”, the Gallery Hotel at Robertson Quay is just that, and will add unique flair to your wedding photos. Its colourful, “boxed” exterior design is matched by equally vibrant interior spaces.

96. Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

Imagine you and your loved one, dressed in your wedding gown and tuxedo, with colourful butterflies fluttering all around. Sentosa’s Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom will make that dream come true, within lush, tropical surrounds that will add a magical aura to your images.


97. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is without a doubt Singapore’s most exclusive shopping boulevard, and with architectural centrepieces like the ION building, it provides a vibrant urban backdrop for couples who want a splash of exclusivity to their images. You and your loved one can “play shop” in their designer boutiques, or plan your shoot for the evening when the street is illuminated in neon lights.

98. Marina Barrage

With strong architectural lines and sweeping lawns, the Marina Barrage is a favourite wedding photo location, backed by Singapore’s iconic city skyline. Bring some props to create your own urban picnic, and request that your photographer really highlights the incredible engineering feat of the dam’s design.

99. Seletar Air Base

A wedding photoshoot at an air base may sound a bit out-of-the-ordinary, but the wide open tarmac and soaring planes will give your images that touch of travel-induced freedom. Built in the 1930’s, the Seletar Air Base retains its old-school charms, with its single-storey passenger terminal docked with small charter planes. But with a redevelopment planned to begin part way through this year, you’ll have to get in fast!


100. Boat Quay

boat quay

flickr/Tim Donnelly (TimboDon)

With alfresco restaurants sprawling along its waterfront and backed by towering skyscrapers, historic Boat Quay is situated on the Singapore River’s southern bank. At nighttime, the lights reflected in the river’s waters are nothing short of magical, adding undeniable romance to this sophisticated, urban location.

101. Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

The Art Deco structure of the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, with its white marble reliefs, exudes historic charm, making it the perfect location for a travel-themed wedding photoshoot. Armed with vintage suitcases, wander through its elegant interior, with lofty ceilings and painted panels depicting Singapore’s industrial pursuits. The station is no longer in operation, but has retired into a National Monument which is open for the public to appreciate its former glory.


102. Fullerton Hotel

Located at the mouth of the Singapore River, the 5-star Fullerton Hotel is not only laced in luxurious elegance, but also local history. The General Post Office once operated from its two lower floors, while a makeshift hospital used the building during World War II. There are plenty of lavish locations within the hotel to stage your photography session, but for the most alluring images, opt to shoot at night when the Fullerton Hotel really shines.

103. Marina Bay Golf Course

For a golf-themed photoshoot, you can’t go past the Marina Bay Golf Course. Not only are its sweeping fairways backed by the architecture of the Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer, but there is so much potential for playful images utilising golf carts, teeing greens and, of course, the inevitable “hazards”.


104. Old Supreme Court

With its turquoise dome soaring into the skyline, the Old Supreme Court building is one of the city’s most grandiose, and an important location in Singapore’s judicial history. Classically designed, it sits in front of the historic Padang playing fields, with its Corinthian columns and Italian-designed artwork providing an impressive heritage backdrop to your images. By night it is atmospherically illuminated, presenting fantastic low-light photographic potential.

105. St. John’s Island

st john's island


With its sweeping golden sands and turquoise lagoon, St John’s Island is the perfect backdrop for an island-getaway wedding photoshoot. Explore its winding, inland trails, bring picnic props to set up along the sands, and bask in the glorious midday sun. If you’re lucky, a pod of dolphins might even stop by to add that extra special touch to your images.


106. Old Parliment House

Now home to the Singapore Arts House, the Old Parliament House is draped in Victorian elegance, with tuscan-style columns and ornate cornices. From intimate portraits wandering its charming facade, to wide-angle shots capturing the beauty of its inner galleries, a wedding photoshoot at the Arts House will add a distinct touch of class to your images.

107. Punggol Beach

With rocks seemingly strewn into the ocean, Punggol Beach is a particularly atmospheric location at dawn and dusk. Using slow shutter speeds, your photographer can create milky water as you wander along its shoreline, hand-in-hand with your partner. You can capture intimate shots with the sun slowly setting behind the jetty, or bring along props, like balloons or a kite, for a touch of playful romance.


108. Wangz Hotel

Situated within Bukit Merah, the award-winning boutique Wangz Hotel exudes urban chic. From its futuristic, cylindrical architecture, to sophisticated interior design that combines contemporary art pieces with bold furnishings, the Wangz Hotel offers a modern and progressive wedding photography setting.

109. Chijmes Chapel

The exquisitely restored 19th century Chijmes Chapel exudes Gothic charms, with pure white-washed arches and stunning stained glass windows. It’s no wonder it has been gazetted as a National Monument. From the towering spire at its exterior, to the lofty ceilings inside, a wedding photoshoot in this unforgettable chapel will add undeniable class and elegance to your images.

110. Peranakan Museum

Peranakan Museum

flickr/Jnzl’s Photos

Housing beautiful artefacts and furnishings that detail all aspects of Singapore’s unique Peranakan culture, the Peranakan Museum is housed in an elegant white classical building. From the exquisite architectural details on its exterior, to elegantly recreated Peranakan rooms throughout its interior, the museum will add a touch of cultural class to your wedding photography session.


111. West Coast Park Adventure Playground

Channel your inner child with a wedding photoshoot at the West Coast Park’s Adventure Playground. In addition to plenty of colourful slides, swings and jungle gyms to get creative with, this park in Singapore’s southwest also has expansive grassy lawns where you can stage your own romantic picnic.

112. Kranji Countryside

For a farm or country-themed wedding photoshoot, head to the rural landscapes of the Kranji Countryside. Capture whimsical shots wandering through the plantations, get up close and cuddly with the farm animals, and create some playful images shopping for fresh, organic produce.

113. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

The lush mangrove forests of the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve will not only provide an idyllic natural setting for your wedding photography shoot, but its wooden boardwalk is peppered with spectacular dome-shaped viewing platforms that add architectural intrigue. If you wedding is planned between September and March, then you may also be treated to some incredible birdwatching when migratory birds visit to rest and rejuvenate.


114. Resorts World Sentosa

resorts world sentosa


For couples who can’t decide on a theme for their wedding photoshoot, then all your problems are solved at Sentosa’s Resorts World. They have six different themed hotels to choose from, including a Hard Rock Hotel and the art-lover’s Hotel Michael, each with their own distinct architecture and design elements.

115. Orchidville

Considering orchids are the national flower of Singapore, what better way to represent your cultural roots then at the beautiful Orchidville gardens. This orchid farm is elegantly landscaped, with plenty of natural colour provided by the flowers, and there is also a rainforest-themed restaurant, Forrest, enveloped in twisting branches.

116. MacRitchie Reservoir Park

Singapore’s oldest reserve, the MacRitchie Reservoir Park is an oasis of tranquility, with water-filled landscapes and lush vegetation to back your wedding portraits. You can pose amidst the forest canopy on their TreeTop Walk, wander hand-in-hand along their nature trails, and take advantage of the elegant Performing Arts Pavilion that overlooks this watery wonderland.


117. Dempsey Hill

With its eclectic cafes and leafy urban surrounds, Dempsey Hill is an ideal wedding photography location for couples wanting a neighbourhood vibe to their images. From the heritage-listed architecture of the former British army barracks, to its central cascading water feature, there are plenty of landmarks within Dempsey Hill where you can stage an alluring photoshoot.

118. Red Dot Design Museum

Housed in an elegant colonial building that was once the Traffic Police Headquarters, the Red Dot Design Museum is renowned for its bright red exterior that always makes people stop and take notice. This is the perfect wedding photoshoot location for those that want to play with colours. Whether you opt for a stark black tuxedo and pure white gown, or want to mix it up with bold primary coloured outfits and props, Red Dot Design Museum will allow you and your photographer’s creativity to really shine through.


119. Bukit Batok Nature Park

Located on the site of an abandoned quarry, the exposed rock faces and lush greenery of Bukit Batok Nature Park combine to make it a picture-perfect wedding photoshoot backdrop. Wander along its peaceful nature trails and shoot some intimate shots against the reflective waters of its pond, then pay your respects on the steps of its sobering World War II memorial site.

120. National Museum of Singapore

National Museum


With its grandiose Renaissance-style architecture, the National Museum of Singapore is one of the city’s most impressive buildings and will add a classic look to your wedding photos. From sweeping wide-angle shots to up-close portraits within the museum’s ornate doorways, there are plenty of different photographic perspectives on offer, and if you opt for a night shoot, the National Museum’s elegant lighting is thrown in for free.

121. Ode to Art Contemporary

What better backdrop for your wedding photos than the bold colours and strong lines of contemporary paintings, installations and sculptures. The Ode to Art gallery displays works by some of Singapore’s leading local artists, and recreating an intimate gallery viewing in its beautifully-lit spaces presents a unique take on wedding photography.


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