Top 20 Malay Wedding Songs: Why ‘Selamat Pengantin Baru’ Still Reigns Supreme

Music is a crucial part in establishing the mood for a Malay wedding, which is noted for its celebratory ambiance and cheerful celebrations. The music played during Malay weddings, which ranges from traditional songs to contemporary hits, reflects the Malay community’s culture and traditions. We’ll look at the top 20 Malay wedding songs in this post and explain why Saloma’s “Selamat Pengantin Baru” continues to be the best Malay wedding song.

1. Selamat Pengantin Baru – Puan Sri Saloma

The most well-known and cherished song played at Malay weddings is without a doubt Saloma’s “Selamat Pengantin Baru”, a timeless classic that has withstood the test of time. For good reason, it is a must for any Malay wedding music. The love and happiness blessed upon the wedding couple are beautifully captured by Saloma’s calming voice and sweet lyrics. It is played both throughout the reception and the solemnization ceremony as a lovely homage to the bride and groom.


The lyrics of the song describe the beginning of a brand-new adventure for the pair, one that is chock-full of love, hope, and blessings. Simple yet impactful lyrics make it simple for everyone to understand and participate in the song. The music is equally lovely and has a mellow, comforting cadence that fits the mood of the event.

Despite the song’s age, it is still relevant and and appeal to people of all ages. Over the years, a lot of other Malay wedding songs have come and gone, but “Selamat Pengantin Baru” continues to be the most popular. It has been covered by various artists and adapted to different styles, but the original version by Saloma remains the most popular and beloved.


Its position in Malay culture and custom is attested to by its ongoing popularity and significance, and it will definitely continue to rule supreme as the best Malay wedding song for years to come.

2. Ikatan Asmara – Fairuz Misran ft. Baby Shima

Fairuz Misran and Baby Shima perform a lovely duet titled “Ikatan Asmara.” Although being a relatively recent song, it has a timeless melody and arrangement that will make anyone who hears it feel nostalgic and emotional. The enchanting lyrics and strong voice of the romantic song depict two lovers who are united by an unbreakable and powerful connection of love. You’ll be left wanting more as a result of the exquisite harmony produced by Baby Shima’s soft and lyrical tone and Fairuz’s deep and soulful P. Ramlee-like voice. “Ikatan Asmara” is a must-play wedding song if you enjoy romantic songs with a vintage flavor.


3. Bunga-Bunga Cinta – Misha Omar

“Bunga-Bunga Cinta” is a lovely and passionate ballad that reflects the wonder of love and the happiness it offers to our lives. “Bunga-Bunga Cinta” has won the hearts of many with its stirring lyrics and beautiful tune and continues to be a popular option for couples to add to their wedding playlists or play as background music on their special day. A timeless masterpiece in the realm of Malay music, Misha Omar’s mesmerizing voice and moving interpretation of the song’s message have elevated it to legendary status.

4. Jangan Pisahkan – Deddy Dores ft. Siti Nordiana

Two of region’s most well-known singers collaborated on the classic wedding song “Jangan Pisahkan.”All of your guests will feel moved by the sentimental lyrics and soulful melody that evoke a romantic and nostalgic ambiance. This song would be ideal for the couple’s Bersanding ceremony or for background music at the wedding reception.


5. Bunga Rampai – Zaleha Hamid

Zaleha Hamid sings the bright and vivacious Malay song “Bunga Rampai.” The song is a favorite for weddings and other joyous occasions because of its upbeat beat, appealing tune, and lively vocals. The joyful and festive song “Bunga Rampai” is a great addition to any playlist because to its energetic tempo and catchy chorus.

6. Pengantin Bersanding – R. Ismail

The traditional Malay wedding song “Pengantin Bersanding” by R. Ismail is frequently played at the “bersanding” ceremony, in which the newlyweds sit on a decorated pelamin (dais) as family and friends approach them to congratulate them. The song’s upbeat lyrics and jubilant tune honor marriage as a union of two individuals and all the joy and benefits that come with it. “Pengantin Bersanding” has been a well-liked option for wedding playlists, both in Singapore and abroad, thanks to its catchy rhythm and sing-along chorus.


7. Kisah Cinta Kita – Hafiz Suip

The talented Malaysian singer Hafiz Suip performs the well-known Malay love song “Kisah Cinta Kita.” Since its release, the song has become a mainstay at Malay weddings and other special occasions. With sincere words and a lovely tune, the song depicts one’s utmost desire to be together forever with their partner. The emotional depth of “Kisah Cinta Kita” and Hafiz’s lyrical voice make it a timeless love ballad that perfectly expresses the qualities of genuine love.

8. Di Renjis-Renjis – R. Ismail

The well-known lively Malay song “Di Renjis-renjis” by R. Ismail is frequently performed during a Malay wedding ceremony. After Saloma’s “Selamat Pengantin Baru,” “Di Renjis-renjis”, originally popularized by Tan Sri P.Ramlee, is regarded as the second most popular wedding song. It is a bright and upbeat song that has endured the test of time. The song is a favorite among newlyweds and their guests at the traditional besanding ceremony, where the pair sits together on a dais to accept the blessings of family and friends. This is due to the song’s catchy melody and playful lyrics.


9. Sampai Ke Hari Tua – Aizat Amdan

Aizat Amdan sings the heartfelt Malay ballad “Sampai Ke Hari Tua.” The song is about a couple’s love and devotion, and their promise to be together till they grow old. It is a common selection at weddings and other romantic occasions because of its moving lyrics and lovely tune. “Sampai Ke Hari Tua” is a timeless addition to any playlist because of Aizat’s soulful vocals and the song’s straightforward yet potent arrangement, which express the sentiments of genuine love. The words of the song, which has the title “Till the End of Time” in English, express a strong sense of commitment and dedication between two people who will stick by one another forever.


10. Gambus Jodoh – Ahmad Jais

In Malaysia, Ahmad Jais gained popularity as a prolific singer and songwriter in the 1960s and 1970s. “Gambus Jodoh,” one of his most well-known songs, was first performed by the illustrious P. Ramlee, and many other musicians have subsequently covered it. This song is a favorite at weddings and other celebratory occasions because of its catchy melody and energetic rhythm. The song has a classic vibe to it and has a unique tone because to the usage of the gambus, a traditional lute-like instrument. In spite of its age, “Gambus Jodoh” is still a renowned classic in the Malay musical canon and is still cherished by listeners of all ages.


11. Jodoh Pasti Bertemu – Afgan

Since its premiere, “Jodoh Pasti Bertemu,” a love song by Indonesian singer Afgan, has won the hearts of many listeners. The words of the song, which describe a person’s search for their soul mate, are full of optimism and faith that love will finally find its way. The song is a favorite for weddings and other romantic occasions since the music is full of delicate and nostalgic tones. “Jodoh Pasti Bertemu” has established itself as one of Indonesia’s most cherished and classic love songs thanks to its stirring and strong message about love.

12. Joget Pengantin Baru – Datin Rafeah Buang

The great Malaysian singer Datin Rafeah Buang sang the timeless song “Joget Pengantin Baru.” The song was released in the 1970s and has since gained popularity in Malaysia as a wedding song. It has a vivacious and upbeat tune that is ideal for the joget, the traditional Malay wedding dance. Datin Rafeah Buang’s potent vocals and the song’s captivating tune and rhythm combine to make it an evergreen classic that is still played at weddings today. The song “Joget Pengantin Baru” is proof of the traditional Malay music’s enduring history and the significant part it plays in Malaysia’s cultural heritage.


13. Memori Berkasih – Achik Spin ft. Siti Nordiana

The duet “Memori Berkasih,” which has become a regular karaoke staple song in Malay weddings, features the late Achik Spin and Siti Nordiana. The song’s somber lyrics, which reflect a couple’s waning love and their final split, show how sincere the two vocalists truly are. Despite its depressing meaning, this song is well-liked because of its lovely melody and ‘Jiwang’ vibe. It also gives you a reason to get on the mic and show off your hidden karaoke talent.

14. Joget Usik Mengusik – Sharifah Aini

The late singer Sharifah Aini sang “Joget Usik Mengusik” a well-known Malay song. The song is a favorite for traditional Malay dance performances because of its fast tempo and captivating tune. The English title of the song, “Teasing Dance,” refers to a lighthearted wooing dance between a man and a woman. The song has become a cherished classic in the Malay music canon thanks to Sharifah Aini’s strong vocals and the upbeat orchestration. Malay music aficionados continue to adore “Joget Usik Mengusik,” which is frequently played at weddings and other festive events.


15. Cinta Luar Biasa – Andmesh Kamaleng

The heartfelt love ballad “Cinta Luar Biasa” is performed by Indonesian artist Andmesh Kamaleng. The song’s deep melody and emotional lyrics instantly won the hearts of listeners throughout Southeast Asia once it was released in 2018. The song narrates the tale of a remarkable love that transcends description and goes above and beyond all expectations. “Cinta Luar Biasa” has become an anthem for anybody who has ever known a love that knows no bounds thanks to its soaring chorus and strong voice. It has been widely covered and reinterpreted as a result of its success, becoming a contemporary classic of Indonesian music and an apt addition to a wedding playlist.


16. Gurindam Jiwa – Dayang Nurfaizah and Hael Husaini

The lovely traditional Malay love ballad “Gurindam Jiwa” was made popular by Nordin Ahmad and Latifah Omar. In 2018, Dayang Nurfaizah and Hael Husaini’s stunning performance of the song brought this classic song back to life. The song is ideal for a romantic occasion or wedding reception because of its lovely harmonies and relaxing tune. With Dayang’s lovely, soulful voice and Hael’s smooth, mellow vocals mixing perfectly to produce an engrossing listening experience, their performance of “Gurindam Jiwa” demonstrates their remarkable singing powers.

17. Sampai Tutup Usia – Angga Candra

Angga Candra’s lovely love ballad “Sampai Tutup Usia” has become a common selection for wedding ceremonies. It is the ideal song for couples to declare their love to one another on their wedding day because of the heartfelt lyrics and the song’s charming and romantic melody. The song conveys a love that is meant to endure forever, despite any challenges that may lie in their path, thanks to Angga Candra’s passionate voice. The pair is reminded of their promise to love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives as they listen to the song “Sampai Tutup Usia,” and that their love would survive forever.


18. Itulah Sayang – Noormadiah and Tan Sri P. Ramlee

A popular song for weddings is “Itulah Sayang,” an uplifting song by Noormadiah and Tan Sri P. Ramlee. It is the ideal song to celebrate the happy occasion because of its catchy melody and energetic percussion and traditional instruments. The lyrics highlight the beauty of love and the devoted relationship between two people. Guests can’t help but dance or sing along as the song plays, enhancing the exuberant and joyful ambiance of the wedding celebration. Everyone who hear “Itulah Sayang” experience joy and happiness since the song has stood the test of time and continues to be a favorite among generations.

19. Saat Bahagia – Ippo Hafiz and Sheryl Shazwanie

The lovely love song “Saat Bahagia” by Ippo Hafiz and Sheryl Shazwanie would make any bride feel special. On their special day, a groom can sing this song to show his love and commitment to his spouse. The song masterfully depicts the spirit of a pure and sincere love with Ippo Hafiz’s deep voice and Sheryl Shazwanie’s soft harmonies. Everyone in attendance will undoubtedly feel moved by the tune’s warmth and honesty, as well as the song’s meaningful lyrics. The bride and groom will be reminded of the happiness and satisfaction they have found in each other as the groom sings “Saat Bahagia” to her, as well as their pledge to a lifetime of love and companionship.


20. Lemak Manis – Roslan Madun

Lemak Manis by Roslan Madun is a traditional Malay song with a catchy melody and beats that are deeply rooted in Malay culture. In the song, a man’s crush is likened to the sweetness of a coconut, also known as “lemak manis,” which is a common component in many traditional Malay dishes. The song is frequently played at weddings and other festive events because of its lighthearted and romantic lyrics, which encourage people to dance and celebrate. The song also has an infectious rhythm and vivacious melody. Whether you enjoy traditional Malay music or are just looking for a happy song to cheer you up, “Lemak Manis” is sure to please and amuse you.


A Mix of Traditional and Modern Malay Wedding Songs

The Malay culture is rich in wedding songs that celebrate the beauty of love and marriage. The top 20 Malay wedding songs given here feature a mixture of traditional and modern hits, showcasing the variety and timeless nature of Malay music. Although more recent songs like “Sampai Tutup Usia” and “Cinta Luar Biasa” have become popular, Malaysians and Singaporeans still favor the ageless classic “Selamat Pengantin Baru” as their wedding song of choice. These Malay wedding songs will definitely increase the joy and love on your big day, whether you favor the vintage allure of the classics or the modern beats of the recent releases.

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