Top 12 Malay Wedding Package Vendors in Singapore

If you’re looking for a Malay wedding package for your upcoming big day, you have come to the right place.

We have compiled and curated the top Malay wedding Vendors offering full wedding packages that cater to your needs and budget.

The following vendors have been in business for a while and have a presence online and on social media.

So you can be assured that these are vendors you can depend on to make your wedding a memorable and successful one.

1. Lagun Sari Wedding and Catering Services

Established in 1993, Lagun Sari Wedding and Catering Services is one of the most popular wedding vendors in Singapore, and also one of the few service providers that offers a big fully air-conditioned indoor venue with its packages.


You can choose from three available function rooms for your nikah and wedding reception or jemputan.

2. Mamanda

Mamanda wedding package

If you want to experience a wedding with a touch of Malay royalty, you should check out Mamanda, a restaurant that offers authentic Malay cuisine.

Located at the historical Kampung Glam palace grounds, Mamanda has several wedding packages for you to choose from.

3. Anggun by Mastura

Founded in 2001, Anggun by Mastura provides a complete wedding solution for would-be brides and groom.

It is best known for providing personalized and professional service.

4. Gurame Indonesian Restaurant

If you ever dreamt of having a wedding by the sea, then you should check out Gurame Indonesian Restaurant.

The restaurant has a wide open space overlooking the sea for you to hold your wedding reception.


5. Cahaya Nanie Wedding Services

With more than 27,000 likes on its Facebook page, Cahaya Nanie Wedding Services is one of the most popular wedding vendors in Singapore.

It provides a variety of packages to suit your wedding theme at competitive prices.

6. wedding package

If you’re looking for a customized wedding theme, be it traditional, fairy-tale, or wacky, you’d want to take a look at

These guys will make it happen and make your wedding a dream come true.

7. Hamidah Ali Wedding Services

With more than 10 years of experience as a wedding vendor, Hamidah Ali Wedding Services provides a variety of wedding packages.

It also offers piecemeal services such as catering, wedding decoration, photography, videography, bridal wear, make-up, hairstyling, door gifts, sireh dara, pulut pahar, wedding cakes, and DJ/Karaoke services.


8. Charisma D’venue

A semi-fine dining restaurant, Charisma D’venue offers its venue for wedding receptions and other social functions.

It also provides wedding packages via its wedding service arm called Charisma D’venue Bridal and Catering Services Pte Ltd.

9. D’Johara Wedding Palace

With more than 30 years of experience in the wedding services industry, D’Johara Wedding Palace has the ability to make your wedding day a smooth and memorable one.

10. Glitz Wedding

Glitz Wedding package
facebook/Glitz Wedding

Glitz wedding aspires to be different than other cookie-cutter wedding vendors by offering a unique experience to their clients.

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-ordinary wedding experience but still want to have elements of traditions and customs, then Glitz Wedding is a vendor that should be on your shortlist.


11. Ratu Weddings

Ratu Weddings wedding package
Facebook/Ratu Weddings

Founded by Ms Hariatee Saniff in 2007, Ratu Weddings is one of Singapore’s most popular Wedding vendor with more than 11000 likes on Facebook.

It offers full wedding packages as well as Bridal and MUA services.

12. Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering

Hjh Maimunah Restaurant & Catering is well-known in Singapore for its delicious Nasi Padang.

Besides serving Malay and Indonesian cuisine at its many outlets, it also offers catering and wedding packages which start from $7300.

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    1. Hi, we are Halal certified restaurant serving Indian, Malay & Chinese food with Nasi Briyani for your wedding event. We have function rooms and ballroom. We are located at SIA Group Sports Club @ Upper Changi Road East. Pls call me for more details of packages. 81383648. Thank you

  1. Mamanda not honest disappointed. Leftover food after the wedding..we ask them that we need to pack some of the leftover for immediate family…they cant even provide us the plastic bags or container. We have to get our own container. OMG..such a popular top 12 and cant provide us even a plastic packing to pack the left over food and it was so much food. Told my son and my other relatives that will be the 1st and the last. Also our reception starts at 3pm..suppose our guests could had theirs..but mamanda display their food at 4pm. Some of our guests left without makan. Vry vry dissappointed. Never never in a million years to come… to recommend or do bussiness with u mamanda.

    1. Hi, we have number of packages with wedding ball room. Located at SIA Group Sports Club @ Upper Changi Road. Halal certified restaurant served you, nasi biryani, indian, malay & Chinese food for your wedding. Please call me for more details. 81383648. Thank you

  2. Hi, I would like to enquire from all wedding packages for April 2018. I have a very tight budget for the whole wedding expenses from catering to decor to bridal. Approx 350 pax. Any wedding company may wish to give me a quote on the pricing? Thank you

  3. FAVE by Muslim Delights is fantastic! Impeccable service and the owners are very lovely. Their staffs are very warm and efficient too.

    Lovely decor, good food, great staffs, comfortable place for a wedding. Located at Orchard.. what more can you ask for?

    FAVE by Muslim Delights saved our wedding when For You Wedding Services failed to honour their services less than 2 months before our wedding. (you may go to to know more about it!)

    I would highly recommend FAVE by Muslim Delights. I didn’t regret a single bit and they’ve handled everything like the pro that they are. I pray that they’ll be bless with all of the good things in life because they truly deserve it.

    Therefore I would highly recommend Muslim Delights because they won’t disappoint! 🙂

  4. Considering D’Pelangi @ Novotel Clarke Quay? This review is for newly engaged Muslim couples seeking out wedding venues/vendors. Bear in mind this is my personal opinion/experience and other couples may have different views on the vendor.

    First ask yourself what you need from your wedding (besides actually being married!). Would you want a wedding where you completely delegate the planning and details to the vendor, or would you need to have a wedding where you can have control over the details?

    If you need control over the wedding, please look elsewhere. I found that this vendor is unlikely to meet requirements, save for general preferences.

    This is a one-stop vendor so our food, cake, decoration, music/emcee were from them.

    The cards came out alright (they outsourced it from an external vendor who liaised with us), doorgifts were fine (save that I was told they provided less quantity than invited guests), no complaints on the quality of the food.

    However, there were many issues with the other agreed items, and above all, their service to us which was severely below standard.

    The booking confirmation for the suite arrived in my email only on the night of the wedding. Carpark lot was not booked by the vendor but the hotel was nice enough to free a lot at the last minute.

    As we weren’t allowed to enter the place until 30 mins before the solemnisation, guests were already there and so the bridesmaids could not check the decorations etc. Music had to be set up in a rushed manner, door gifts had to be counted quickly. We were told that we would be able to use the standing/changing room to get ready prior to 10am (if the suite wasn’t ready by then). As we were denied entry to the venue, we were unable to use the changing room. Thank goodness my family booked a few rooms for themselves and so I used one for getting ready.

    The drapes were dark pink and flowers were yellowing. Now this would not have been a problem, had they not already shown a photo of the fabric to me and me having rejected it. I requested for a lighter pink and they agreed to source for this. Weeks before the wedding, I emailed them to check in with me before finalising the deco and told them that if the drapes were too dark, I would prefer the drapes to be white only. I received no response until wedding day. They informed the groom’s family (not me nor my family strangely, even though the communications were always with us) to view the deco at 10.30pm the night before but I was busy with last min wedding prep, I could not see the place until the first march-in.

    The wedding cake appeared on the wedding day without any tiers. One small red velvet cake with (in my opinion) messy dark pink cream and smaller dark pink cupcakes. I wasnt crazy about the taste.

    There were ketupat hanging around the hall from an event the night before.

    We were told that we could put our songs in a thumb drive and bring it on the wedding day for the DJ to play key songs. I made a full playlist which included the key songs (walk-ins, cake cutting etc). We were not introduced to the DJ until 30 mins before the solemnisation march-in. As I had expected issues, I sought help early from my friend who is a DJ to sync the walk-in timings with the songs to be played and cue them. Needless to say, the DJ did not do much because he had never met us prior to the wedding and never knew what songs to play when. I also engaged my own emcees because the DJ would not have been prepared.

    There were other issues we faced but really not relevant here. All in all, I was happy to be married and glad that the guests never really noticed the flaws I saw!

    However, as the bride, I found myself being very anxious at the lack of response and was disappointed when I saw that they made promises but simply ignored agreed items in our package. So ladies, if you need to rest assured that your drapes are light dusty pink and not dark pink, I would not recommend the vendor to you.

    1. Wrong choice I have choose d’plangi just like your experience I ever encounter bad experience but I swallow it they don’t fulfil their promise u must repeating to remind them someone did tell me not but I trust her promise but in the end all goes wrong

  5. Im disappointed with hans bridal…. They cheat my money by blocking me… Not professional by blocking people even im demanding or such

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