How Not to Look Ugly on Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants to look good on on her wedding day. Besides having a basic beauty regime, engaging a good makeup artist or mak andam is necessary to bring out your elegance.

Heavy make-up should also be considered necessary in places where flash photography is done, since the lighting tends to make your face look flat.

A makeup artist is more than a person using cosmetics to make you look beautiful. Some makeup artists also double as hair stylists. Therefore, when selecting a makeup artist for your wedding day, you need to consider her hairdressing talent.

A good makeup artist understands your requirements, creates the makeup you want and earns your trust through her professionalism and dedication. Here’s how you can choose a right makeup artist for your wedding day in 5 simple steps:


Step 1: Determine your budget and create a list of things important to you

Decide on the skills you want your makeup artist to have and services you want her to provide. Decide how much you would like to spend on your make-up and find someone who could work within that limit.

Step 2: Spend some time doing research

In this world of cut throat competition, doing proper research is all the more important. Here is how you can research to find the right andaman for your needs.

1. Look for some good wedding photographs on Facebook

Click on wedding photographs from friends, friends of friends or even old senior high school acquaintances. Evaluate their makeup and figure out the one you like the most, and then find out who did it.


Spread the word to your friends and family that you are looking for an excellent makeup artist. Hopefully someone might give you a valuable reference.

2. Visit the local shops

Most beauty stores have make-up artists that can be leased out for a wedding event. Finding such makeup artists can be a good thing to do as you can try and test many of them free of charge ( just make sure to buy a product from them once they spend a good deal of their time working with you).

Check out the website or blog by these artists and look at their portfolios. Read through their sites and read the FAQ section. This way, you get a sense of the person and the way he or she works. Lastly, look at the services they provide. Remember, with makeup, you get what you pay for, so you never ever go with the lowest quote. Based on your research, shortlist the candidates and plan a test run to shortlist them further.


Step 3: Have at least 2 trials

The easiest way to judge a make-up artist is through trial runs. Some artists take money for trials, while others charge a flat fee that ranges from $ 50 – $ 100. In either case, a test session is essential. With a trial run, you can determine whether the makeup artist has the appropriate skills to undertake the important job you have.

Hold the first trial at least a week before the big day. The first trial is primarily meant to figure out whether the makeup artist is able to impart the effect you want. The artist should be able to listen to what you have to say and implement that on your face in an easygoing manner.


Another test should be conducted on the day of your outfit rehearsal. Make sure that you know the charges for the trials as some professionals tend to add the trial fees to the final price of your wedding day makeup. If you wind up hiring them, it really is worth asking.

For the trial run, explain the kind of makeup you want and ask for her advice. Judge your “after” appearances and evaluate how well they fit with the goal you had in your mind.

Look through bridal magazines or search the web for what I call “inspirational photographs”. If you decide to get a makeup similar to someone you have seen in a photograph, make sure that the lady carrying the makeup has some resemblance with you. You cannot expect a designer to make you look like Scha Al Yahya, if you appear more like Yuna.


Step 4: Make sure that the products they use suit your skin

You may not recognize the brands used by professional artists, and that’s fine. But, you should avoid artists who are committed to using only one particular brand.

Choose an artist who’s able to change the products to meet your needs. With this thought, if you have very delicate skin , it is crucial that you plan the screening session at least 1-2 weeks in advance, so your skin has time to recover in case some mishap happens.

Step 5: Know what you want

A great makeup artist can guide you to a great look, but if you will open yourself up during the trial, it will give your artist an improved chance to please you with her skill. It’s important for makeup artists to know as much about you as possible.


They should know and understand your daily make-up habits and color choices. Your designer can’t read your mind, so always open up and tell her about the exact thing you want.

Final Thoughts

More and more brides nowadays are booking an expert to provide them with services like make-up and hair design. Professional services not only ensure that the makeup will stand throughout the day, but they also add a little bit of spectacle and drama to your photographs.

Although some of you out there might be blessed with stunning looks, a great makeup artist nevertheless makes you look much more impressive. Therefore, choosing an artist that has the right skills is highly crucial. With these ideas in mind, I definitely hope that you will find the correct make up artist for your wedding makeup needs.


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