Don’t Buy any Malay Wedding Package until you Read this

A Malay wedding package can be a great option, since you will no longer have to worry about choosing individual services, such as Malay bridal, catering, photography, and decorations, individually.

However, each wedding package may come with different elements, which is why you need to make sure to check out what each package offers so you can get the one that suits what you’re looking for.

This article takes a look at 5 guidelines you can follow so you can choose the right Malay wedding package.

1. Do your Research

Make sure to do your research about wedding packages before you select one. While the package might seem cheap, you may find out in your research that what you’re being charged is actually costing more than what the services actually cost.


By doing your research, you can be sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

2. Check what’s in the Malay Wedding Package

Make sure to check what is actually included in the package. Don’t take it for granted that the Malay wedding package you’re being offered is all-inclusive, since there may be some elements that may not be included, and you may just end up realizing this on the wedding day itself.

Ask the service provider what the breakdown of the package is so you can see for yourself what you’ll be paying for. Some of the important elements that you need to watch out for include catering, decorations, transportation, venue, photography, videography, and flowers.

3. Don’t be Afraid to Talk with Different Service Providers

Many people have made the mistake of hiring the first Malay wedding services provider that approached them. As a result, they not only spent more than what they wanted, they also didn’t get the best services available.


Don’t be afraid to talk with different wedding planners and ask them what services they can offer so that you will be able to weigh which of them offers the best wedding package.

4. Don’t Choose a Wedding Package just because it’s Cheap

While choosing an affordable package is important, be careful not to use price as the only factor you will be using to evaluate whether or not to avail of a wedding package.

Again, be sure to check out what services come with the package so you will know what you’ll be paying for.

5. Choose Someone who is Easy to Talk with

Planning a wedding entails a lot of planning, which is why you need to make sure that the service provider you hire will be someone who you can easily talk with regarding the wedding details.


That way, you can be sure that everything will work out the way you want it to go, instead of being caught by surprises left and right.

Getting a Malay wedding package can make your life easier so you don’t have to worry about planning for your wedding that much.

However, the success of the wedding will depend on how good the service providers you hire are. So make sure to take the time to evaluate what the different wedding packages come with so you can choose which of these is best for you.


  1. This information is very useful. For the would-be bride and grooms, please do your research and plan your budget well. Avoid over-spent. Check out what services come with the package, and understand so you will know what you’ll be paying for.

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  3. Thank you for this write up. It’s helpful for someone who knows nuts about wedding stuff.
    This is a good start to know more about wedding preps.

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