Cornell Scientist Discovers 4 Ways You Can Lose Weight Without Dieting

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If you’re looking to lose weight to slip into your tiny wedding dress, then you should check out what this Cornell University Scientist has to say about losing weight.

According to the scientist, Dr. Brian Wansink, you can lose weight without dieting. He details how you can do this in 4 ways.

If you want to lose weight and stay slim permanently, you have to make these 4 changes.

1. The only food allowed on your kitchen counter is a bowl of fruits.

2. When you are at a restaurant, order half-sized starters and use the “rule of two”.

3. When you’re at the supermarket, fill the front of your grocery cart with vegetables and fruits.

4. Don’t eat at your work desk.

The rules seemed commonsensical and simple to follow, but sticking to them is key to losing the fat.

Photo by Jimmy Hilario

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