This is Exactly How You Attend a Malay Wedding

So you’re invited to a Malay Muslim Wedding and you have no idea how to attend one.

Chances are you have mind-numbing questions like:

1. What time should I go to a wedding if the invitation says 12pm to 5pm? Can I come at 5pm?

2. What should I wear? Must I wear a suit? Can I wear flip flops?

3. I’m a raw food enthusiast. What kind of food is served?

4. How much should I give a the newly-wed couple? Is $10 enough? Or should I give $100?

5. Is alcoholic beverage served?

6. When is the best time to go to a Malay Wedding so I would not miss the bride and groom?

7. How long is the wedding event? Must I stay till the end of the wedding and help wash the dishes?

Here are two guides that will definitively answer your questions.

They will help you survive your first Malay wedding adventure, and more importantly, help you NOT to embarrass yourself.

Here are the links to the Malay Wedding Guides:

How to Attend a Malay Wedding
My First Malay Wedding

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