What to Wear to a Malay Wedding: Modesty Meet Style

What should you wear to a Malay Wedding?

If you’ve been invited to a Malay wedding, you might be wondering what to wear to this special occasion. Should you wear a dress? Shirt and pants? Or should you wear Baju Kurung or Baju Melayu? How about Jeans? Sleeveless? And can you wear black?

We will answer these questions so that you’re dressed appropriately and can feel confident and comfortable on this joyous day.

In General, Wear Modestly

A general principle to keep in mind is to dress modestly. While there is no strict dressing etiquette, it’s best to choose clothing that is tasteful and appropriate for the occasion.

The dress code for Malay weddings is typically more conservative than other types of weddings, with women often wearing long dresses, or long-sleeved tops with pants. And men will often wear short or long-sleeved shirts and pants.


Nevertheless, certain clothing items are considered inappropriate or disrespectful. Guests should avoid wearing revealing or skin-tight clothing, plunging necklines or shorts, as they may be seen as immodest or offensive.

What Colours not to wear? 

When it comes to colours, there are no strict rules. You can wear any colour you like. 

Can you wear Jeans? 

wear jeans at malay wedding

Wearing jeans is perfectly acceptable as long as they are neat and tidy. However, you should avoid ripped or distressed jeans as they may not be appropriate for the occasion.

Can you wear sleeveless? 

When it comes to sleeveless clothing, it’s not considered modest enough for a Malay wedding. It’s best to choose an outfit with sleeves, but if you must wear a sleeveless dress or top, you can always add a shawl or a cardigan to cover your shoulders.


Should you wear Baju Kurung or Baju Melayu?

Malay Muslim women in Singapore usually wear Baju Kurung while Malay Muslim men nowadays rarely wear Baju Melayu to a wedding. However, if the bride or groom is a close friend or a relative, Malay men will usually opt to wear the Baju Melayu.

Can you wear a T-shirt?

wear t-shirt to Malay wedding

You can wear a T-shirt as long as it is modest, the design looks cool, and it has no offensive words. Singapore is a hot and humid country, so it’s alright to wear a T-shirt, although you will likely find that you’re the only one who does at the wedding.

What about Footwear?

Using the “dress modestly” rule, it’s better to wear covered shoes to a Malay wedding. Just like you wouldn’t wear slippers to a restaurant, you wouldn’t want to wear one to a wedding.


Always be Modest

Dressing appropriately for a Malay wedding is a sign of respect for the hosts and their culture. Keeping in mind the general rule that you should dress modestly, you can choose an outfit that fits the event and your style. With this guideline in mind, you can enjoy the wedding festivities while looking and feeling your best.

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