10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Destinations You Never Knew Existed

Planning the wedding is one of the most exciting experience in someone’s life and everybody wants it to be completely perfect. The wedding plans such as those of groom or bridal dress, wedding function decorations, guest list are all not fully complete until the groom and his bride have decided the best honeymoon destination.

So, after the wedding is over the newlyweds look forward for the honeymoon. It is while on the honeymoon that the new couples relax, unwind and spend some quality time together. No matter how long you have planned your honeymoon to be, make the honeymoon a wonderful memory by choosing the most romantic, beautiful and exotic destination.

Here is a list of the top 10 honeymoon destinations:

1. Hawaii


Hawaii can be said to be one of the world’s most amazing destination for the honeymoon. Hawaii is the perfect place to explore and relax. There are beautiful and big islands including Maui, Kauai, Honolulu and Molokai. These are all pastoral and pretty.

The newly married couple can also engage in exciting activities such as snorkeling, whale watching, golf courses and surfing. For the couple that only wants to relax under the sun, Hawaii offers many hide ways where they can be alone together. The soft music and gentle waves in Hawaii keeps your romantic mood all day long.


2. Mexico


Mexico is one of the most loved place for its exotic location. If the newly married couple is looking for a tropical gateway then Huatulco, Mayan Riviera and Nueva Vallarta are the places to be. These are very gorgeous beaches with outdoor activities, lush green trees and beautiful infrastructure to please the new couple.


In Mexico, the newly married couple can enjoy the beautiful parks, spas, bars, swimming locations, museum and nightclubs. Guanajuato and Taxco are gorgeous romantic spots with intimacy and tradition. There are also many wonderful restaurants in Mexico to make you the most delicious meals. Zip lines, nature hikes and dolphin encounters will also add more fun to your honeymoon. México is simply a beautiful and great place to be.

3. France


France is a very romantic place. It has very many cities that are perfect for the honeymoon. Paris in France is one of the most romantic and beautiful city. It offers the new couple the feast of adventure and romance.

Walking through the cobbled stone streets of the city of medieval is certainly one of the most beautiful memories. From the cosmopolitan lights in Paris to the rustic village in Lorain, France is without doubt one of the world’s best honeymoon destination.


4. Italy


For centuries, Italy has been loved as one of the best honeymoon destination. Its beautiful scenery, wonderful cuisines, world class wines, history and culture attracts very many people. Italy is simply a perfect choice for a memorable honeymoon.

Italy has much more to offer the newly married couple such as the crystal clear water in white sand beaches, rural idylls, romance of Venice, great wine yards and relaxation in Tuscany villas. All the villas and hotels in Italy are there ready to assist you enjoy the honeymoon.

5. Jamaica


Jamaica is the 3rd largest Caribbean island and is very famous for its many honeymoon destinations. Sandals Grande Riviera, Couples swept away, Couples Negril, Couples sans souci and Couples Negril are places made for the newly married couples.


With its expansive sand beaches and tropical climate, Jamaica is one of the best honeymoon destinations. In Jamaica you are sure of experiencing a romantic and relaxing honeymoon.

6. Florida


Florida is a wonderful place offering an affordable adventure, exiting activities and nice weather for the newly married couple. If you desire having a fairytale honeymoon, Walt Disney World resorts is the place to be. They offer a full honeymoon package that includes a cruise to Bahamas and time in the Disney World resorts. Park passes, wine service, food and accommodation will be adequately managed.

Florida offers multitude of spay, plenty natural trails and many outdoor adventures to make the honeymoon more charming.


7. Fiji


Fiji is simply the tropical paradise. Fiji offers beautiful blue waters, white sand beaches, romantic resorts, a friendly culture and palm trees .A resort in Fiji called Namale is very famous for its luxurious accommodation.

Some exciting activities in Fiji include wind surfing, diving and snorkeling .Turtle island in Fiji also accommodates fourteen couples only at a time. The turtle islands offers candlelit dinners, tropical drinks enjoyed on the sunset, Champagne and strolls on the white sand beaches therefore providing that perfect honeymoon experience for the couple.

8. Aruba


If a newly married couple is looking for fun and sun, then Aruba is the perfect honeymoon destination for them. Aruba has beautiful beaches and a perfect weather all the time. It’s a small place but fully packed with restaurants, casinos, night clubs and beautiful beach resorts enough to effectively delight the newly married couple.


The famous theme of Aruba is relax and rest during the day and passion and party at night. The people of Aruba are very friendly and nice. Once you visit Aruba, you will definitely love this island.

9. Maldives


Maldives is the most romantic archipelago on earth. In Maldives, your dream honeymoon destination can successfully become a reality. Vibrant coral reefs, white sand, amazing resorts and sparking lagoons could be all found here.

The couple can consult any authority in Maldives to organize a honeymoon destination for them as they know the most romantic and beautiful islands in Maldives.

10. Greece


Greece is a country with a lot of warm seas, history, hot sun, beautiful landscape , culture and fun all making the dazzling Greek islands some of the best places for honeymoon destinations. The best thing about the Greek islands is their amazing resorts. The beautiful islands offer various reasonable packages to newly married couple to easily enjoy and see what the islands have to offer.


The adventure rides, style trip, adventure rides, your tours and meals will all be arranged by the package manager, what the newly married couple needs to do is to relax and enjoy the amazing beaches. The couple can search their favorite island according to their taste, get there and experience the long lasting honeymoon memory.

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