The Big 3 Expenses for a Singaporean Wedding 

Are you planning a wedding and wondering what the three largest wedding expenses are?

Venue, catering, and bridal packages are the three expenses that make up the bulk of the wedding budget.

We’ll break down these top three costs in this article to make it easier and more confident for you to budget for your big day.

1. Venue

The wedding venue is one of the most costly expenses in Singapore. Depending on the location, size, and date of the wedding, the average cost to rent a wedding venue in Singapore ranges from $3,000 to $10,000. 

In general, hotels and restaurants provide their own catering and range in price from $17,000 to $40,000.

Possible hidden costs include renting decorations, furniture, and lighting, as well as paying for a wedding planner or coordinator.

2. Catering

Weddings often center around the food, and in Singapore, catering can take up a big chunk of the budget. 

The cost of wedding catering services can range greatly, from $10 per person for a basic buffet to $300 per person for an extravagant banquet at a high-end hotel. A typical mid-range wedding budget is around $80 per person for a buffet or $120 per person for a sit-down meal. 

Couples should include equipment rentals like chairs, tables, and tableware in their budget in addition to the per-head price.

3. Bridal Package

The bridal package represents yet another sizeable expense. Typically, the package includes bridal gown and suit rentals, hair and makeup services, photography, and videography—sometimes even pre-wedding photoshoots or honeymoon packages. 

Depending on the degree of customization, the quality, and the reputation of the service provider, the price of a bridal package in Singapore can range from a few thousand dollars to more than $10,000. 

Even though it might be tempting to spend more on a premium package, couples should think carefully about the costs and benefits of each part to avoid spending too much.

4. Additional Expenses

Couples should allocate money for additional costs like travel, entertainment, and decorations in addition to the top three. For example, the cost of getting people to and from the wedding could include hiring a shuttle service or renting a limo for the couple. 

The cost of decorations can also vary greatly, from do-it-yourself projects to hiring decorators, and how much is spent will depend on the couple’s preferences and financial situation. 

To make their wedding memorable, couples may also want to think about having live music, a DJ, or hiring a wedding emcee, which adds additional cost.

5. Be Aware of the Costs

So, to sum up, the three most expensive wedding-related expenses in Singapore are the venue, catering, and bridal package.

You can plan your ideal wedding without going over your budget if you are aware of the costs involved with each of these expenses. A lovely wedding in Singapore is attainable with careful planning.

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