10 Things You Shouldn’t Do at a Malay Wedding (You might be guilty of doing them already)

Have you ever been to a Malay wedding reception and find no empty table to eat your briyani?

We always do.

And it sucks.

You and your partner have to go separately to both ends of the venue.

And then you hover over other guests eating their food, wishing that they would finish their food fast.

Sometimes you secretly wish that they choke on the sambal goreng.

And the worst thing that could happen is when the table is occupied by guests who aren’t eating.

But by guests who are chatting away like they are at a HDB coffeeshop.

Oblivious to your presence.

Even when you’re holding a full plate in one hand and a baby in the other!

And this bad table manner habit is one of the ten sucky things that entertainer Dzar Ismail and his team poke fun at in their hilarious video.

Watch it now and get tickled. 🙂

10 Perkara Yang Tak Sepatutnya Berlaku Di Majlis Persandingan. Kongsi dan sebarkan.

Posted by Dzar Ismail on Sunday, January 24, 2016

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