How Much Do You Give for a Malay Wedding – An Easy Guide

cash gift or duit salam

If you’re attending a Malay wedding in Singapore and are wondering how much do you give for a Malay wedding, commonly known as “duit salam, you’ve come to the right site. We’ve attended a lot of weddings and are fully aware of the proper protocol for delivering gifts.

We’ll go over all you need to know about presenting monetary gifts at Malay weddings in this short guide, including how to choose the right amount and when to think about presenting a larger gift. We’re confident that after reading this article, you’ll be ready to show your support to the newlyweds!

What you should know about cash gifts

Your relationship with the couple will have a big impact on how much money you decide to give them. It is traditional to give a larger present to a close friend or a relative than to a work colleague or acquaintance.

The amount you choose to give must also take into account your own financial condition. While giving a thoughtful present is something you want to do, you don’t want to put yourself in a tight financial spot.

Also, bear in mind the regional traditions of the area where the wedding is being held. Doing your homework in advance is crucial because, for instance, the customs around cash presents may vary depending on the location of Malaysia, although in Singapore there is pretty much no variation. 

Finally, take the couple’s tastes into account. While some couples might enjoy receiving physical gifts, others might prefer cash gifts. It’s always acceptable to ask the couple or a close friend for advice if you’re unsure.

How Much do you Give for a Malay Wedding?

There are some general rules you can follow when giving cash gifts or ‘duit salam’ at a Malay wedding in Singapore. 

Depending on your friendship with the couple and your level of generosity, it’s typical to give between SGD $10 and SGD $30 per attendee. Giving $50 or more to close friends and relatives is considered appropriate.

A wedding cost may be rather substantial, so another guideline is to give a cash amount that covers the cost of your presence. Depending on where the wedding is held, the amount to give can be SGD $10 and above. It’s more appropriate to give more when the wedding is held at a hotel ballroom than at the void deck.

We hope you are now clear about the right amount to give, and wish you have a good time at the wedding. 

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  1. Are you very sure $10 and above is the appropriate figure in the era. Mostly Malay weddings is now done in a hotel, restaurant, fully aircon wedding hall. So do your homework and do not quote ridiculous amount starting from $10 to give to a Malay wedding. You are portraying Malay wedding as cheap skate. You go to hawker centre and eat basic nasi lemak without extra already can cost more than $5 but in a Malay wedding, the buffet spread is fantastic with many main dishes, side dish, traditional and modern cakes, ice cream, free flow of hot and cold drinks and many more. To contribute a proper amount when you want to attend a Malay wedding is to check with the caterer or restaurant how much they charge per head. Ideally, $50 to $100 for a wedding if done in an aircon environment and $30 to $50 at the void deck. For relatives and closer friends, it is advisable to give above the market price.

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