This is How You Choose an Awesome Wedding Photographer

The wedding day is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. Therefore, couples often try to hire a professional photographer in order to capture every precious moment on their special day.

But finding a good wedding photographer can be demanding sometimes. Thus, to get the best wedding photographer, you need to invest your time and money in doing research.

The choice of a wedding photographer is the most important decision that you will make in planning your wedding and it should not be taken lightly.

Below are some tips on how to choose a wedding photographer.

Tip #1. Search for Wedding Photographers Early

Before anything else, searching for a wedding photographer is the first thing you need to do. Usually, it takes about a couple of months or years before you can schedule a good photographer for your wedding.


So after setting a date for your wedding, immediately start searching for a photographer. You can do this online or by asking recommendations from your family or friends. If your wedding will be in June or December, make sure to book your photographer at least six to twelve months in advance.

Making a short list of potential candidates is also ideal. Look for a couple of online portfolios and choose a few that really stand out from the others. Each wedding photographer has his own style and approach when it comes to taking wedding pictures. If a photographer does not suit your taste for photos, look for others that will fit your wedding preference.


Tip #2. Look for Wedding Photo Samples

Once you already have a list of photographers, look for their wedding photo samples and then trim down the candidates. Consider their work, especially their expertise in doing various photo genres. If the sample photos are great, you will have higher chances of getting ideal photos on your wedding.

Do not consider just one photo. The wedding photographer should be able to provide you with few samples of his work.

When viewing wedding photos, make sure to examine the details such as the color, exposure, clarity, composition, and more. Then, determine the photographer’s style, and uniqueness in each submitted photo. Every detail of the photo will give you an idea on how the photographer works. If the pictures are good, the photographer is definitely a good one to hire.


Tip #3. Measure the Photographer’s Professionalism

The best way to get quality wedding pictures is to hire a seasoned wedding photographer with a solid background of the event.

Experience plays an important role in this area. A photographer who has been in the business for more than 15 years is likely to provide good wedding photos than newcomers in the industry.

Aside from experience, it is also ideal to know how many weddings a photographer has been to. This will even give you a better idea on how experienced a photographer can be in capturing pictures on wedding days.

Tip #4. Know the Equipment

Knowing the type of camera and equipment of the photographer is a must. Determine if the photographer has both digital and film or either one of them. Both produce high quality images, especially when they are enlarged but prefer to have digital pictures because the photos are easier to produce and manipulate.


For photographers using digital cameras, the images must be at least 8 megapixels or larger. If the photographer is using film, make sure that the equipment includes a professional grade film instead of consumer quality film.

The photographer should also have backup equipment in case something happens. This includes extra lenses, flashes and cameras. Batteries, film and memory cards are also ideal for backup. You never know what might happen on your wedding so your photographer should always be ready for anything.

Tip #5. Choose the Right Cost

Before signing a contract, read the legal details and know how much you will be paying for the photographer. If you cannot reach the photographer’s price, do some negotiation including the packages and wedding proofs. If you and your photographer cannot make a deal, look elsewhere. You will find a lot of good photographers offering reasonable price for their services, especially when you browse online.


One thing to keep in mind after agreement is to get the photographer on your wedding day. Some companies might try to do a bait and switch.

Also, determine where the photographer will take the pictures during the wedding and how many hours you have for the service. Communicate with the photographer about the details to avoid confusion.

Tip #6. Determine the Packages Offered

Aside from taking pictures, some wedding photographers may also offer video services throughout the wedding event. This is a good idea for all couples to capture the moment.

So before signing a contract, determine the services and packages being offered by the photographer and see if you can take advantage of some special deals.


Tip #7. Ask for References

If you have family or friends who know wedding photographers, you can simply ask for their recommendations. You can also ask newly-wedded couples and look at their photos to know how good the photographer is. Asking recommendations is a great way to easily get a good photographer for your wedding day.

Tip #8. Know the Photographer’s Personality

It is highly recommended for the couple to meet and greet the photographer they are about to hire. If not, you can ask for a call online or other means of communication to determine the personality of the photographer.You need to make sure that your wedding day will be fun and comfortable. So be sure to hire a wedding photographer who always smiles, has a lot of sense of humor and cares deeply for your wedding.


It is important to invest on photography than any other areas of your wedding. Look for an expert photographer who can take shots and images that capture every moment of the wedding. If you have succeeded in hiring a good photographer, you can sit back and relax on your wedding day.

Simply follow the tips presented above and you will be sure to get the best wedding photographer in town.

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