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  1. Dear Haizal,
    I hope this letter does not go to your ‘DELETE’ folder the minute you clicked on it. If you moved on reading, thank you and do read to the end.
    We hope your business is doing well and would like to take a moment of your time.
    We understand the difficulties faced by many wedding photographers and services whose market is competitive and challenging. Couples of today are continuously looking for exciting and lively wedding photos. We believe UNIQUE is something they are looking for. We would like to suggest this for your consideration.

    Cheap Vespa Rental is relatively new and we like you to know that we have a Vespa for rent. We hope to rent our Vespa to businesses like yours; mainly dealing with photo shoots projects that requires special themes and props. We hope our Vespa could help your business to grow and benefit from our fantastic deals. For us, we only hope to expand our customers’ base.

    We would be happy to answer to any of your enquiries. We can be contactable at 98181054 (Mr. Syafiq) or 84841345 (Ms. Aida). We look forward to hearing from you soon and further discuss on our potential collaborations. We thank you for your time.

    Sincerely yours,
    Cheap Vespa Rental

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